Travel Auto-Approval has been released!

30 October 2018

As an improvement to the Travel Approval eForm, an update allowing simple travel approval requests to be automatically approved. Since release, over 250 travel requests have been auto-approved.

With over 50,000 travel requests created over four years, the Travel eForm is ANU’s most prevalent eForm to date.

The high volume of this eForm creates a higher than average volume of email notifications and reminders to the Traveller, Supervisors and Delegates across the University. In line with a commitment to enhancing user experience and business processes, The University has implemented an improvement to the Travel eForm which enables the auto approval of low risk travel requests.

When a travel request is auto approved, the Traveller and Supervisor will receive an email notification and the Supervisor and respective Delegate(s) will not be required to log in, review and action the travel request. It is anticipated that this will apply to up to 3000 travel requests per year.

This improvement to the Travel eForm will reduce the turnaround time spent for travellers waiting for approval, as well as reducing the effort required by Supervisors and Delegates for this particular process.

Further information regarding this functionality can be found on the Travel Auto Approval project site.