Transition of ERMS to business as usual

16 September 2015

The  Service Improvement Group (SIG) has worked closely with University Records to develop and implement the new Electronic Records Management System (ERMS). With the implementation now complete, the ongoing management of ERMS has been handed over to University Records and the business owner, Director of Scholarly Services.

Released 25 May 2015, ERMS, a fit-for-purpose enterprise system developed in partnership with ITS and University Records, allows best practice for collecting, managing, and maintaining records.

ERMS provides:

  • immediate and faster access to records / information
  • control over information through secure management and tracing of records
  • reduced risk through improved finding of relevant documents and greater compliance with relevant legislative requirements.

What does this transition mean for you?

Training and access

There are now 112 Power Users across the University who are able to create folders and apply security access to records. Power User training will continue to be provided by University Records to ensure all areas of the University have the ability to use ERMS. Registration for all training is via HORUS.

An ERMS Community of Practice has been established to provide ongoing support for Power Users and those interested in ERMS. These gatherings are facilitated by a group of volunteer Power Users with University Records in attendance to answer any technical questions. The first Community of Practice sessions will be held 22 and 23 September 2015. Register via HORUS.

Over 400 ERMS Users have received training with further training sessions are available. An online ERMS PULSE module is available to ERMS users for self-paced learning.

Digitisation of paper records

The Digitisation Lab has scanned/digitised over 3 million records and will be decommissioned late October /early November 2015. An agreement is in place identifying those records that will be digitised during this period. Responsibility for uploading all other records, paper and electronic, will now rest with ERMS users.

Ongoing support and assistance

The University Records unit is responsible for the University's records management, ERMS usage, process and procedural information.

For more information visit the ERMS webpage.

In continuing to develop folder structures for a University area contact David Brumby, Manager, University Records on ext: 612 54237.

Please contact ERMS helpdesk for any ERMS enquiries; phone 54321, option 1. option 7.