Testing and commissioning of Bulk Supply Point

Preparations are currently being made for the connection, testing and commissioning of the new High Voltage Bulk Supply Point 1 (BSP1) on ANU Acton campus. These works will take place from Thursday 16 May to Friday 14 June. 

The new BSP1 located behind Packard Wing, Daley Road, will shortly be commissioned and will replace the temporary green building located on the corner of Clunies Ross Street and Barry Drive.

Existing High Voltage cables will be extended to the new BSP1 and will systematically be connected to the new High Voltage switchgear. The termination of the cables will require the temporary transfer of ANU loads to other feeders.  These tranfers will NOT result in power outages; however, there may be instances where non-essential electrical loads need to be temporarily reduced. Where this is necessary, Facilities and Services will arrange for non-essential air conditioning to be cycled On and Off by the Building Management System. Heavy consumers of power may also be required to reduce some non-essential operations and 24 hours notice will be given to specific business units for any planned load curtailment activities.

The Facilities and Services Division appreciates the cooperation of all business units during this important asset upgrade.

For more information please contact:

Muni Krishna 0451 081 708

Jim Pollard 0416 249 836.