Technical Workshops - Work Management System demonstration sessions are underway

25 September 2018

The Technical Workshops Project will form a single Technical Workshop entity by bringing together individual electronic and mechanical technical workshops from several Research Schools in the Joint Colleges of Science. This will support teaching and research outcomes across the University with the ultimate aim of promoting ‘common access, common costs’ to all.

The key outcome for stage 1 of the project will be the delivery of the new Work Management System. The system will give technical workshop customers an easy portal to request work and track its progress. It will provide the technicians with the ability to manage the delivery of the work in a single location. The system will also provide valuable insights into the services delivered by the Technical Workshops and this data will provide the University with the information to make decisions on future stages of the project.

Development of the system is nearing completion and we have begun demonstrating the key modules to the project Working Group which comprises workshop technicians, school administrators and users of the workshops. Feedback from these demonstration sessions will be used to enhance the system ahead of final demonstrations.

What’s happening next?

The system will undergo rigorous testing to ensure that it works as intended. Once we are satisfied with the system, we will invite the Working Group to attend our User Experience Testing sessions where we will collectively work through some test cases to get the final feedback. We will also be providing user training sessions to workshop technicians and customers. Following the training sessions we will be support ongoing training through user guides and instructional videos.