Technical Workshops - Briefing Session Update

27 April 2018

The Technical Workshops project held a second briefing session on Monday 26 March 2018. Over 40 people came to hear the Project’s Business Owner Kiaran Kirk (Dean, College of Science) and Project Manager (Rachael Morgan, Service Improvement Group) talk about progress on Stage 1 of the project and to respond to questions.

The briefing session covered:

  • Update on what’s been happening recently including an overview of the Process Improvement Forum held in August 2017
  • Ideas for improvement and high level requirements for the proposed Work Management System
  • Announcement of the selected system Idea Elan, which is currently being procured
  • Overview of the Idea Elan system
  • Next steps, including the standing up of the project Working Group who will be tasked with defining the business requirements for the system configuration as well as agreeing on the standardised workshop processes and frameworks