Technical Workshops –Workshop Management System up and running – first month

15 February 2019

The Technical Workshop Management System went live on 2 January 2019. In the first month of operations, over 250 customers from the ANU registered with the system and there were over 200 job requests submitted to the Technical Workshops.

The Workshop Management System gives both technical workshop staff and customers greater control over job requests and easier access to key information such as:

  • Ability to submit requests through an online portal
  • Information on who is working on a job request
  • Real-time tracking of labour and material costs; and
  • All job request documentation and communications, provided in a single location

The data collected through the system will provide the University with the information to make decisions on future stages of the project.

Online Resources

Information and resources are available on the Technical Workshop Management System webpage. These include video instructions demonstrating how to register and submit a job request, quick how-to guides for customers and technicians, reference documents and Frequently Asked Questions.

If you encounter any issues with the Work Management System, please raise a ticket through the ANU Service Desk using the following steps:

  1. Select the ‘Get Some Help’ option
  2. Chose ‘Report something broken’
  3. Under the ‘What best matches the issue?’ question, select ‘Request Not in Catalogue’
  4. Fill in details about your issue and select ‘Submit’

Get Involved

For more information on this project, please visit the Technical Workshop Project Page. If you would like to arrange a demonstration and training session for your team, please contact the Project Manager, Rachael Morgan at or 59650 to arrange.