Technical Workshops – Work Management System launch: 2 January

14 December 2018

The new Technical Workshop Work Management system will launch on 2 January 2019. This is the first stage in supporting ‘common access, common costs’ for the Mechanical and Electronic Technical Workshops across campus. From January, all ANU staff and students will be able to submit requests to the Technical Workshops using the Technical Workshop Work Management System. The system will initially be used by the following Technical Workshops across the Joint Colleges of Science:

Research School Technical Workshop Facility
Research School of Physics and Engineering
  • Mechanical Workshop
  • Electronics Unit
Research School of Earth Sciences
  • Mechanical Workshop
  • Electronics Group
RSB/RSC Joint Workshop
  • Mechanical Workshop
  • Electronics / Electrical Workshop
  • Refrigeration
John Curtin School of Medical Research
  • Mechanical Workshop
  • Electronic Workshop


What are the benefits of the Work Management System?

The Work Management System will provide the following benefits:

  • The system is an easy portal for customers of the Technical Workshop’s to request work and track its progress, including sharing requests with team members.
  • Increased transparency for the customers on the estimated costs of job requests before providing approval to go-ahead and the ability to track costs once the job is in progress.
  • It will provide the technicians with the ability to manage the delivery of the work in a single location.
  • The system will reduce the time taken to process monthly journal invoicing.
  • The system will also provide valuable insights into the services delivered by the Technical Workshops and this data will provide the University with the information to make decisions on future stages of the project.


What you need to know about the new approval process

There is a standardised process and workflow that customers submitting requests to the Technical Workshops will need to follow. The new request and approval process will require customers to provide a valid General Ledger Code (GLC) as well as the name of the Fund Manager of that GLC i.e. the person in charge of the GLC.

In line with the University’s commitment to enhance user experience and business processes, we have removed the requirement for Fund Managers to provide approval before work commences on the job request. In all cases, the customer who submitted the request will be required to provide their approval to the estimate or quoted costs, but the Fund Manager will receive an email notification of the costs only. The Fund Manager will not be required to provide their approval, but they are able to intervene if they so wish. This will minimise the turnaround time for job approvals, and reduce the effort required by Fund Managers.

The new process is detailed in the following workflow:

Workflow diagram. Job request submission goes to workshop technician for quote, then to customer for acceptance

Online Resources

Information and resources will be available on the Technical Workshop Work Management System webpage that will be available from the end of December. These will include User Video instructions demonstrating how to register and submit a job request, quick how-to guides for customers and technicians, reference documents and Frequently Asked Questions.

If you encounter any issues with the Work Management System, please raise a ticket through the ANU Service Desk at using the following steps:

  1. Select the ‘Get Some Help’ option
  2. Chose ‘Report something broken’
  3. Under the ‘What best matches the issue?’ question, select Other
  4. Fill in details about your issue and select ‘Submit’


Get Involved

For more information on the Technical Workshops project, please visit the Technical Workshops project page. If you would like to arrange a demonstration and training session for your team, please contact the Project Manager, Rachael Morgan at or 59650 to arrange.