Technical Workshops – Getting ready for the launch of the Work Management System

24 August 2018

The Technical Workshops Project will form a single Technical Workshop entity by bringing together individual electronic and mechanical workshops from several Research Schools in the Joint Colleges of Science. This will support teaching and research outcomes across the University with the ultimate aim of promoting ‘common access, common costs’ to all.

Over a two month period, the project team met with a Working Group comprising of workshop technicians, school administrators and users of the workshops to understand the work that they do and what they need from a work management system. This information is being used to ensure that the Work Management System, currently under development, is fit-for-purpose and simple to use.

The Work Management System will give both technical workshop staff and their customers greater control over their job requests and easier access to key information such as:

  • Information on who is working on a job request
  • A transparent overview of job requests submitted by a team, for project leaders to monitor.
  • Up-to-date tracking of labour and material costs
  • All job request documentation and communications, provided in a single location

The data collected through the system will provide the University with the information to make decisions on future stages of the project, including the appropriate pricing model.

What’s happening next?

Over the next month, the project team will demonstrate each of the system’s modules to the Working Group, to get their initial thoughts as the modules are completed. Once all modules are completed, the Working Group will form part of the testing group that will use the Work Management System for the final user experience testing prior to its go-live launch.

Running parallel to the testing by the Working group, there will be training sessions for workshop staff as well as user familiarisation sessions for workshop customers. These will be organised with individual Research Schools and will initially target the biggest users of the Technical Workshops. Training materials and videos will also be available.