SELT eForm released to Course Conveners

15 February 2019

The Evaluations Team in the Planning & Performance Measurement Division (PPM) has been using the SELT request eForm since June 2017 for capturing SELT requests across both standard and non-standard teaching sessions. The team reported improvements in efficiency and data integrity as a result of this digital solution. The Evaluations Team generated over 5,600 eForms for processing in 2017/2018.

During 2018, the Evaluations Team collaborated with the Intelledox Digital Transformation Centre (IDTC) to develop a new generation of the SELT eForm that could be used by Course Conveners to generate SELT survey requests. This is a move away from the paper-based manual request process. Released in December 2018, the new SELT eForm incorporates recent changes to SELT request types, while easing the burden of searching and entering data by integrating automatically to University systems.

The new SELT eForm was released for the 2019 Summer Session as part of the Beyond SELT project. To date, 91 eForms have been generated, over half of which have already been actioned and submitted by Course Conveners. Of the submitted eForms, 92% were completed and submitted by the Course Conveners in less than 2 weeks.

Further changes to Insight reporting will be actioned in the coming weeks to streamline the reporting and oversight functionality.

More information can be found on the Beyond SELT webpage and detailed support videos have been made available to Course Conveners and College Administrators regarding the process.