Science at the Shine Dome 2017: "Fostering partnerships with industry" workshop

Fostering partnerships with industry workshop

Collaborations between people working in academia and those working in industry have become highly valued. So how do you find an industry partner? And once you have one, how will it change the way you work? Between your two facilitators, Professor Dayong Jin and Associate Professor Drew Evans, they have experience working in academia, working in industry, transitioning back to academia and collaborating extensively with different industry partners. They will explain the challenges and opportunities that come with collaborating with industry and help you develop strategies for fostering your future partnerships with industry.

The workshop also provides an opportunity to meet Robin Fieldhouse, who has recently joined the new ANU Strategic Projects & Partnerships team at ANU as Senior Business Development Manager, with a focus on Life Sciences. Robin has vast experience as a technical innovator in UK and also in assisting Australian researchers commercialise their projects, and will be contributing his experiences to the Fostering partnerships with industry workshop.


About Science at the Shine Dome

Every year, Australia’s foremost scientists gather at Science at the Shine Dome. Prestigious awards are presented, high achievers are admitted to the Fellowship of the Australian Academy of Science, and a special program of events for early- and mid-career researchers (EMCRs) aims to enthuse and educate young researchers.

This year’s EMCR program offers you the opportunity to build new skills by attending workshops and be inspired by talks from new Fellows of the Academy and award winners. The program covers all fields of science over two days, with day 3 devoted to a symposium – Life on the loose: species invasion and control.

There are four workshops to attend: Learn how to perfect your grant writing skills, or how to use storytelling to communicate your research. Tim Dean, Science and Technology Editor at the Conversation will teach you how to pitch your research to the media or you can learn the skills needed to partner with industry.

And don’t forget to register to attend the private reception for EMCRs to network with Fellows of the Academy. Find your inspiration for 2017 at Science at the Shine Dome: more information and registration.

A 3-Day EMCR Package is available for $500 or single day registration options are also available.

Registrations close Monday, 7 May 2017.


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