Road closures on Acton campus

As part of the Acton Ridge Axis project, through May to July 2019 there will be three planned road closures on the Acton campus that will take place in two five-week programs of work. Two road closures will happen concurrently and be completed before works commence on a further and final road closure.

Fellows Road at Sullivans Creek – closure 17 May - 1 July 2019

  • Fellows Road closed from Sullivans Creek road up to and including the existing pedestrian crossing to the east side of the bridge.
  • No impacts to car parks on either side of the road at ANU College of Law or Fellows Oval car park.

Balmain Crescent at the pedestrian crossing near the Grocer on Balmain – closure 17 May - 1 July 2019

  • Balmain Crescent closed in the area immediately surrounding the existing pedestrian crossing.
  • Parking bays at Grocer on Balmain unaffected, grocer deliveries and turn-around to be established at Gardens & Grounds service yard.

Garran Road at the pedestrian crossing near Hugh Ennor building – closure 2 July - 12 August 2019

  • Garran Road from Fellows Road intersection up to and including pedestrian crossing near Hugh Ennor building.
  • No impact to Graduate House parking or Hugh Ennor Building deliveries.

No other roads or driveways are impacted and access to all carparks will be unaffected. Traffic Management Plans have been prepared and approved by ACT Government Transport Canberra City Services. Whilst there is every intention to keep the road closures to a minimum in accordance with the schedule, however significant weather events (if they occur) may inadvertently cause delays.

These road closures will result in new pedestrian crossings being constructed. These works are required to upgrade the standard, quality and safety of the existing pedestrian crossings at these points on the roads.

We appreciate this will cause inconvenience for vehicular movements around campus. It is planned that the works will take place whilst leaving alternate routes open and accessible throughout the campus. 

Thank you for understanding.