RIMS program update

11 May 2017

The RIMS Program aims to improve our research support services by providing services that add value to our researchers across all research activities from the conception of research ideas through to the promotion of research outcome.

At the beginning of 2017 two governance bodies were established to oversee the delivery of the RIMS Program: the RIMS Executive Steering Committee and the RIMS Program Management Committee.

The RIMS team is working in collaboration with the research community to review the following research support services:

  • Ethics (including ethics protocols submission and reviews)
  • Planning and managing research projects (including project proposal, submitting of funding application, project planning etc.)
  • Publications and promotion (including disseminating research outputs and generating publicity.)
  • Industry, government agencies and community engagement
  • Compliance with legislation and audit requirements.

The RIMS Program is implemented through a staged approach. We are currently working on ethics reviewing activities to foster ethical conduct, to coordinate committee management, to submit, review, approve and manage ethics protocols and how the new system will support these processes.

Reference groups are being created to examine current issues, provide suggestions for improvement and contribute to the design of the new research support processes and system.

The first reference group was established in November 2016 and is focusing on ethics and includes researchers across different disciplines, ethics committee’s members and chairs and ethics officers.

The ethics reference group is examining the current ethics processes and systems, what is working well and what could be improved and how. Reference group members have been participating in interviews and workshops and will continue to be involved as we progress with the implementation.

A workshop was held on 30 March 2017 during which proposed enhancements were discussed. Feedback highlighted a strong consensus on suggested options for simplifying and streamlining the current ethics process, including approval and variation processes.

To know more about the current work of the ethics reference group or to register your interest in becoming part of the reference groups, contact us at RIMS@anu.edu.au.