Research costing, pricing and approval reporting available now in ANU Insight

12 September 2017

The Research Services Division (RSD) and the Planning and Performance Measurement (PPM) Division are pleased to announce the release of the Research costing, pricing and approval reporting (CPA reporting) project in ANU Insight.

The CPA reporting project is a joint effort between RSD and PPM that aims at reporting project and application related data captured by the ANU Research Costing, Pricing and Approval Tool (CPA tool). Thanks to the strong support from RSD and the substantial contributions made by representatives from research/finance teams of all ANU colleges and from Finance & Business Services (F&BS) in all phases of the project, the following reports have been made available by PPM in ANU Insight:

  • Application list
  • Application summary
  • Certification progression details
  • Certification progression project list
  • Certification progression summary
  • Exception report.


All users of the CPA tool are able to access CPA reporting in ANU Insight.


Further information and a concise user guide can be found on the CPA reporting webpage.

For inquiries related to the CPA tool, please contact ‘Helpdesk - Costing and Pricing’ at or by phone on +61 2 6125 1541.

Queries related to CPA reporting feedback or enhancement can be directed to the ANU Insight Service Desk at or by phone on +61 2 6125 8649.