Research Accounting Project Update

27 June 2018


The Research Accounting Project seeks to improve Research Accounting (RA) processes, predominately around the creation of General Ledger Codes (GLCs). The project looks to streamline and automate (when possible) the GLC creation process through an eForm solution. Additionally, the project will update Research Accounting policy and procedures in order to standardise these processes across the University.


Staff will be provided a consistent process with defined roles and responsibilities. The eForm will provide a platform that will streamline these processes, provide better workflow tracking during the creation process, and better facilitate the approvals.

Version 1 release deliverables and benefits:

  • Ability to create a GLC when a grant is awarded and before a contract is signed.
  • Updated RA policy and procedures.
  • Defined and consistent roles and responsibilities for RA procedures and GLC requests across the University.
  • University-wide defined interim GLC structure and guidelines.
  • Replacement to APOLLO GLC request form.
  • Streamlined workflow for GLC request processing.

Anticipated deliverables and benefits for Version 2 release:

  • GLC codes will be automatically generated versus the current process in which RA manually creates the next code. 
  • D Funds workflow will be automated instead of the manual AR&P approval and manual creation by RA.
  • Users will be able to make changes to their GLC in the eForm automatically, versus current process in which RA has to manually check, approve and action them.
  • Temporary GLC inactivation process will be automated.
  • Closure of GLCs requiring requests to establish zero balance in ES Financials will aim to be facilitated by the eForm.


We will be releasing the eForm in two planned version releases. Version 1 will be released late-August before the next wave of GLC requests in September. Version 2 release will be dependent on ongoing coordination with our counterparts in other services divisions. After the August Version 1 release we will work to release Version 2 as quickly as possible.


We have completed the writing of new Research Accounting policy and procedures. We are conducting a review with the Research Accounting Office before we send out to College finance staff in preparation for our 23 July 2018 workshop. During the workshop we aim to gather feedback from the Finance customers on the written policy and procedures. This will be the time to determine how the policy and procedures are written and what they dictate.  

We conducted our first demonstration of the eForm with the Research Accounting Office on 05 July 2018 and are excited to see all of our discussions and research come alive as an eForm. We will be conducting a more thorough demonstration during our 23 July 2018 workshop with our Finance customers.

How To Get Involved:

We have a workshop on 23 July 2018 to review the Research Accounting policy and procedures. This will provide an opportunity for our customers to be a part of the development process for this body of work.
If you have any questions, comments, concerns please contact the Project Manager, Jonathan Rich, at or 55675.