Research Accounting - New GLC eForm has been released

25 September 2018

Purpose of the Project:

The Research Accounting Project seeks to improve Research Accounting processes, predominately around the creation of General Ledger Codes (GLCs). The project looks to streamline and automate (where possible) the GLC creation process through an eForm solution. Additionally, the project will establish updated Research Accounting policy and procedures that will standardise these processes across the University.


On 11 September 2018 the GLC Request eForm and supporting policy and procedures went live. In the first week of its release there were 42 GLC Requests submitted and processed. We hosted User Familiarisation Training Sessions on 13 and 19 September 2018 in the Innovation Theatre (Anthony Low Building) with 54 participants learning about the new eForm and request process. We appreciate the warm engagement of the ANU Community in learning about this new resource. 

How to Get Involved:

Information and resources on the GLC Request process can be found on the GLC Request Information page. This webpage has several resources for users, including a GLC User Video demonstrating how to use the eForm, Exception Processes, Frequently Asked Questions Guide, ARIES Mandatory Grant Checklist and many other resources.

Support enquiries for the GLC Request eForm and processes can be directed to

Future Initiatives:

We are aiming to release Version 2 of the GLC Request eForm by the end of the year.

Anticipated deliverables and benefits for Version 2 release:

  • Automatically Generated GLCs will replace the current process in which RA manually creates the codes. 
  • Automated D Funds workflow will replace the manual AR&P approval and manual creation by RA.
  • In the current process RA has to manually check, approve and action them. The new eForm will allow users to make changes to their GLC in the eForm automatically.
  • Temporary GLC inactivation process will be automated.
  • The zero balancing for closures in ES Financials will be done through  the eForm.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns please contact the Project Manager, Jonathan Rich, at or 55675.

Demonstration of GLC form in lecture theatre
GLC Familiarisation Session