Research Accounting GLC eForm - Getting Ready for Round 2

14 December 2018

The Research Accounting (RA) Project has improved Research Accounting processes, predominately around the creation of General ledger Codes (GLCs). The project  helped to streamline and automate (when possible) the GLC creation process through an eForm solution. Additionally, the project updated Research Accounting policy and procedures that standardised these processes across the University.



Since going live on 11 September 2018, hundreds of GLC requests have been processed. We have seen a significant improvement in overall processing times. Before the new GLC eForm was created, these requests took weeks to complete. Below are the highlighted processing times.

  • 26 hours to create a new GLC
  • 21 hours to close a GLC
  • 10 hours to temporarily inactivate a GLC
  • 7 hours to reactivate a GLC
  • 6 hours to make changes to a GLC


Future Initiatives:

Through close collaboration between Finance and Business Services (F&BS) BSO Team and the Service Improvement Group (SIG), integrations have been built to automate many of the processes in the GLC eForm. The below integrations are currently being incorporated into the eForm with a goal of completing Version 2 of the eForm by the end of the year.

Current integration work:

  • Temporary Inactivations – automation of process with approval step by RA
  • Reactivations – automation of process with approval step by RA
  • Change Requests – automation of process
  • Closures – automation of process with approval step by RA
  • Contract Updates Push – automation of process
  • Creation – this process will be reserved for a version 3 development due to its complexity

The SIG will continue to conduct updates and improvements to the eForm after Version 2 release as a part of normal continuous improvement initiatives. If you have any issues with the GLC eForm, please direct your comments and concerns to If you have any other questions, comments, or concerns please contact the Project Manager, Jonathan Rich, at or 55675.