Replace your cancelled class with these online options

26 February 2018

With the recent flooding on Acton campus, all classes were cancelled for Monday, 26 February, and some classrooms may be affected for a few more days. In light of these cancellations, ANU Online has some recommendations on how you can offer replacement lectures, tutorials, or seminars using Echo360 ALP and Wattle for students to complete online.


Notify students of changes

You can use the Wattle Announcements tool to send messages to all students in your course which will be displayed in your site immediately, or use the Send a Message function to deliver them an email with the information.


Record your lecture

You can narrate your lecture slides and share them with students for them to view in their own time. There are several ways to do this:


  1. Add audio narration to your PowerPoint file and upload it to the course Wattle site.  
  2. Record your lecture using Echo360 ALP Personal Capture, which can include a recording of your computer screen and webcam along with audio, and upload it to Echo360 ALP for students to view along with their other lecture recordings. Access our Personal Capture guide.
  3. Record your lecture with another method on your own device and upload it to Echo360 ALP for students to view. Access our guide.  


Use an existing recording from last year

If you have existing recordings from a previous offering of the course last year, you can add this to your collection of lecture recordings for this year. There are two steps to the process, which you can find below.

  1. Download the existing recording from the old Echo360 system. Access our guide.
  2. Upload the file to your current course in Echo360 ALP. Access our guide.  


Hold a forum discussion

You can offer an online discussion to let students discuss course material and readings. The Wattle Forum is the easiest way to do this. Access our guide.


Have an online tutorial class

Adobe Connect and Zoom are webinar-based systems where you can hold a virtual classroom, shared presentations, discuss over the webcam, and more. You can access guides on Adobe Connect and Zoom.

Contact us for help!

Our team can offer suggestions, advice, and support on how to use all the ANU tools for your teaching needs. Please contact us if you have any questions or need assistance, using the contact information on the side of the page.

Access our comprehensive guides on Wattle and Echo360 ALP.

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