Rapid Improvement Event held for HDR exams and thesis submission

10 May 2017

The HDR Administration Support Project is currently focusing on:

  • Admissions: Transparent, standardised and simplified process across ANU consistent with revised policy
  • Exams & Thesis Submission: An efficient and effective process for managing thesis submission and examination reducing examination times and improved tracking and reporting
  • Renewed HDR Student Induction Program: Standardised, accessible and timely information available for commencing HDR students.

Rapid Improvement Event

A Rapid Improvement Event (RIE) for the HDR Examination & Thesis Submission process was run from 1 to 4 May 2017. The RIE is part of the Lean Process Improvement methodology that is being used in the Service Improvement Group to improve administrative processes. The RIE ran for 3.5 days and involved key process participants focusing on solving a scoped process improvement opportunity. The first 3 days focused on the current process, the customer journey, identifying areas for improvement including opportunities for simplification and streamlining and then the mapping of the future process. The final morning saw the RIE participants present their proposal to the Dean, HDR & College Associate Deans HDR’s.

The difference between a RIE and typical workshops is: the planning for the event is extensive, leadership has given approval for change, an agreed ‘to be’ process is developed before the RIE is completed.

The HDR Examination & Thesis Submission RIE involved staff from DSA, Colleges, PARSA, OVC, IDTC and SIG. Extensive pre-RIE consultation and benchmarking was undertaken across the institution involving both administrative, academic staff and students. Pre-RIE journey mapping was undertaken based on interviews with academic staff and students. The SIG will now be documenting all the ideas generated and the proposed ‘future state’ process will be presented to the HDR Administrative Support Steering Committee, Chaired by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) on 24 May. 

Some comments from the participants included:

“The depth of knowledge and engagement of the participants has been a really valuable resource to harness to produce the holistic approach to the business process.”   “Overall, it was a fantastic experience. I left feeling inspired and impressed with the level of expertise and commitment there is in your team as well as across Colleges. I also learned a thing or two about the Exams process –always a bonus!”  

For more information contact the Project Manager: Megan.Easton@anu.edu.au

Work is also underway on HDR Admissions that aims to improve the student and staff experience in the enquiry, applications processing, offer acceptance and scholarships parts of the process. The HDR Admission project is preparing for a RIE to be run from 29 May to 1 June. The focus for this RIE will include the core HDR application and acceptance processes.

For more information contact the Project Manager: Karen.Cameron@anu.edu.au