Purchase Card project - how to get involved and stay up to date

15 March 2017

Formal engagement commenced 1 March

As configuration continues for the new Concur purchase card expense system, the project team is looking forward to formally engaging with the ANU community about the exciting improvements ahead. The aim of the communication program is to maximise user ease and uptake, and ensure those effected are ready when the system is released.

Call for PowerUser nomination

PowerUsers are leaders in their School or Service Division, who will receive additional Concur training so they can support the implementation. All PowerUsers need is a willingness to learn and help your colleagues improve their processes. If you or a colleague would like to nominate to be a PowerUser, please contact the project team at project.concur@anu.edu.au.

How can you expect to hear from us?

Throughout March, Alastair Sinton (CFO) is providing an update to College General Managers, School Managers and Service Division Directors about the new Concur expense management system. A Finance and Business Services (F&BS) landing page will be launched to raise awareness and provide a primary source of information and resources for cardholders and interested employees.

During April, School and Service Division managers, administrative and finance staff will be invited to town hall meetings at their School, College or Service Division. PowerUsers will receive Concur user training and university-wide communications will commence to prepare all staff for implementation. By the end of April the Concur system will be launched, user training will begin using live transactions and training resources will be distributed for all cardholders and approvers.

Phased rollout

The current phase roll out is on track and set to be delivered as follows:

  • Phase 1: Q2 2017 - Concur Expense for purchase card
  • Phase 2: Q3 2017 - Concur Expense for reimbursement
  • Phase 3: Q3 2017 - Concur Expense for cash advances, students & Visiting and Honorary Appointments (VaHAs)