Proposed Work, Health and Safety Governance Structure

9 February 2016

The University's Workers' Compensation Self-Insurance Project (WCSIP) continues to make progress toward improving our safety culture and performance via an improved work health and safety management system to meet self-insurance requirements.

At the end of 2015, a proposal was endorsed by the University's Senior Management Group and the University Council. The paper proposes an improved and redesigned Work Health and Safety (WHS) governance and committee structure. This proposal has been approved by both groups for consultation across the University community.

The proposed structure will improve the safety culture of the University and encourage solid communication lines for WHS issues and concerns. It is a move to a more effective approach that corresponds to the overall improvement strategy for the Self-Insurance Project and provides a stronger more robust WHS management framework in alignment with requirements.

The consultation process aims to:

  • build awareness of the proposed structure and receive feedback
  • identify and assess the operational impact and resource burden
  • identify and resolve any operational challenges regarding implementation
  • provide clarification around roles and responsibilities outlined in the terms of reference so they can be easily understood, interpreted and implemented.

The consultation process will begin in early February with discussions in a number of forums including College Executive, Service Division Directors and General Manager's meetings.

At each of these forums, the proposed structure will be reviewed and feedback will be collected.

Following these meetings, further consultation will be conducted with WHS advisors, WHS committees and across the broader University Community.