Parking inspectors patrolling campus 24/7

In response to concerns raised by campus users, parking inspectors will now be patrolling campus on a twenty-four hours a day, seven day a week basis. This will ensure parking is available for those who need access on a daily basis e.g. resident students and drivers with disabilities.

People visiting campus after hours or on weekends should park with consideration for others and the road rules. Drivers who do not do so may receive an infringement notice. Some information that may assist in avoiding an infringement notice is included below:

  • When a parking sign does not include restrictive parking hours or days the sign applies 24/7 e.g. disability parking, authorised parking.
  • Yellow edge lines are an international symbol for no stopping and no parking and are referred to in the Australian Road Rules and the ACT Road Transport (Road Rules) Regulation.
  • No parking, no stopping and other road rules apply 24/7.
  • To assist in maintaining the campus grounds, parking outside designated car parks e.g on the grass, on footpaths etc. is not permitted.

Further information about parking on campus can be found here. Alternatively you can email ANU Parking Office if you have any questions.