Over 5,200 Student Administration eForms commenced since July 2016

15 February 2017

Over 5,200 eForms have been commenced since they were introduced on 1 July 2016.  4,600 (87%) of these have been completed end-to-end.

Student Administration eForms that are currently available are:

  • HDR Milestone Reports
  • Special Consideration / Deferred Examinations
  • Manage My Degree (Coursework)
  • Manage My Degree (HDR).

Support and Continuous Improvement

Local Student Administration areas, the Division of Student Administration and the Intelledox Digital Transformation Centre continue to provide support to users. The Division of Student Administration are working through improvement suggestions with Student Administration Managers across campus to identify further enhancements to the business process and eForms.

The next major continuous improvement release encompassing a number of key improvements will be release in May 2017.

eForm Tracking and Reporting

HDR and Coursework administrators will be able to track and monitor the progress of milestone eForms. Automated weekly Insight reports are being emailed to all HDR and Coursework administrators across the University. This will provide assistance in reporting on the duration for each step in the process, outcomes for students and non-compliance. Reporting can be accessed through https://insight.anu.edu.au/

If you would like additional reports to be sent to your area, please raise a service desk job to insight@anu.edu.au

Further Information

For further information about the process and to understand the change, please visit;