Over 135,000 pageviews in new Services website

18 August 2015

The new Services website has received over 135,000 pageviews since the release on 27 July 2015. Some of the most visited pages include Information Technology, Human Resources and Facilities and Services.

The new website contains more than 3,000 webpages in over 4,000 database entries and will be managed by over 40 editors who have all received training.

There have also been three key improvements have been made since the release:

  • addition of icon links on mega menus
  • addition of executive staff as project owners
  • change to display criterion for projects .

The Staff page will be removed this week and the URL staff.anu.edu.au will be automatically redirected to services.anu.edu.au. The link to the Services site can be accessed via the main ANU Gateway Utility menu.