Meet the students helping develop digital transformation solutions at ANU

11 July 2018

We are so pleased to welcome a new group of student interns to our team.

Our student interns are involved at every stage of the digital transformation process: from analysing business systems and processes, designing and testing eForms, to fixing bugs and supporting users once an eForm has been released.

Our internship program offers practical learning experiences in all stages of the software development lifecycle, as well as many opportunities to receive formal mentoring and support. Our interns come from a wide range of academic and professional backgrounds, studying undergrad, postgrad and PHD programs in a number of disciplines across the University. They bring with them fresh enthusiasm and innovative thinking which drives them to make meaningful contributions to the systems and services which impact their university experience. At the Centre we aim to leverage their existing abilities and provide opportunities to learn new skills and gain valuable workplace experience as members of our team.

Are they excited about the opportunity?

We asked and they said:

  • I am looking forward to this internship as I get to work on high impact projects as an intern and receive excellent mentorship” – Gerald.
  • What I’m looking forward to most about training as a BA is seeing how the skills I have cultivated outside my degree will intertwine with the content I have gained in it” – Liam.
  • I’m excited about being part of such a wonderful team and to be working on eForms and websites that are also a part of my uni life.  I’m hoping to learn a bunch of new skills and build networks with IDTC” – Binu.

Are you thinking about using student interns in your area?

Our Directors Lakshmi West (SIG) and Amanda Snashall (IDTC) would be happy to chat to you about the benefits we’ve gained from our internship program and the lessons we’ve learnt on how to make the experience work effectively for all us.