Mahara ePortfolio Training

Introducing the new ePortfolio tool for ANU!

A digital portfolio is a collection of items which can document our learning and development over time.  Portfolios can cover personal, professional and academic development and can allow students and staff to connect their ANU experiences to broader goals and interests.  ePortfolio at ANU ( is now available to all ANU students and staff and is integrated with Wattle for use in teaching.  It can also be used for research, support and extra-curricular purposes.  The tool allows people to collect, curate and selectively present materials and can be used for a wide range of activities such as journaling, blogging, collaborative teamwork and developing a CV or personal website.

Following this workshop, participants will: 

  • Have a basic understanding of portfolio learning and the important differences from traditional teaching practices;
  • Be familiar with a number of different types of ePortfolios and different uses within learning and teaching contexts;
  • Understand the importance to the success of an ePortfolio activity that it is adequately well designed, integrated, supported and motivated;
  • Understand basic functions in the ‘Content’ section of the ePortfolio, including upload, tag and organise files, and create a journal;
  • Understand basic functions in the ‘Portfolio’ section of the ePortfolio, including create a page, add blocks, share and copy pages, create a collection;
  • Know how to set up an ePortfolio assignment in Wattle, including whether or not to lock submissions;
  • Be aware of other learning activities available through the ePortfolio platform;
  • Be familiar with the Mahara manual and other support resources.
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