Local administrators announced for Costing, Pricing & Approval project

8 July 2016

Phase 3 of the Costing, Pricing & Approval (CPA) Tool is underway due for completion in October. This release incorporates a new role that will provide local college support to Researchers. The Local System Administrator (LSA) will be the College champion for the CPA tool, providing basic user instruction and business support relevant to their College business processes and structure.  Additionally the LSA will provide specific system support in the ability to add, remove and update the names of staff undertaking a reviewer role within their College in line with CPA business process rules.

The following LSA’s have been identified:

College of Arts & Social Sciences

Louise Knox

College of Asia & Pacific

Marie-Helene Rousseau

College of Business & Economics

Sarah Akikusa

College of Engineering & Computer Science

Luke Beckett

College of Law

Kylie Bourne


Mary Gray


Ragini Singh


Samantha Powell


Sian Hicks


Sharyn McFarlane

A briefing was held on 24th June 2016 for the LSA’s to discuss:

  • Draft LSA role statement (this will be published once approved);
  • Progress on development of CPA Phase 3 functionality;
  • Finalisation of College Profile Questions for inclusion in Phase 3 workflow;
  • Participation in user acceptance testing and development of college specific scenarios;
  • Reviewing CPA Help Bubbles and FAQ content; and
  • Completion of review of existing CPA roles and mapping to new Phase 3 roles.

The CPA Tool continues to provide an online solution that standardises the method for costing externally funded research projects, university consultancies and commercial services across the University.

For more updates on Phase 3 go to (https://services.anu.edu.au/planning-governance/project-management/costing-pricing-approval-phase-3)


please contact RSD.ITHelp@anu.edu.au.