Late-starter car parks trial ceases from 29 June

In 2016/17 ANU established three late-starter carparks, one between the Centre for Arabic and Islamic Studies (CAIS) and Chancelry buildings, one on Ward Road near the National Computation Infrastructure (NCI) and John Curtin School of Medical Research (JCSMR) buildings, and another off Liversidge St in the Crawford precinct. The basis of these carparks was to assist those with school, preschool and carer responsibilities.

Unfortunately, the trial has not been a success. We have had repeated reports of road and car park congestion and safety violations, prior to the 9.30am opening time of the car parks. There have been very specific complaints from Schools adjoining these car parks, the complaints include a variety of examples of poor behaviour, with a high frequency. 

In light of safety concerns for pedestrians and other vehicles using the area it has therefore been decided to cease this trial of late-starter car parks. The car park between CAIS and Chancelry buildings and on Ward Road near the NCI and JCSMR buildings will be reverted to normal operation and be open to all vpermit and Pay As You Go users from 29 June 2018.   The late-starter car park at the Crawford precinct had already reverted to normal operation in March 2018 following numerous complaints.