Kambri Room Familiarisation Drop-In: Marie Reay Teaching Centre 6.02

Are you teaching in the new Kambri buildings and want to take a look? Drop-in to take a look at your classroom and see how the space will work!

Monday, 15 July 2019 - 1:30 - 3:30pm

Building 155 - Marie Reay Teaching Building, Room 6.02 (Superfloor)

This session is for anyone scheduled to teach into the new Kambri spaces who would like a chance to drop-in, see the space, and get oriented to the technology and venue. You are welcome to bring your own device or presentation and check out the equipment in the space. Staff will be present to answer questions and give advice. Priority will be given to those teaching in the Marie Reay Teaching Centre during Semseter 2.

Registrations are not required for these sessions, and you may attend at any time between the listed hours. ANU Online is also offering a range of orientations and workshops for Kambri teachers. Check out the complete list here.

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