Kambri Concert

The Kambri Concert will be held on Monday 11 February 2019 from 12pm until 2pm. The event will be hosted within the new Kambri Precinct, on University Avenue.

The Kambri Concert will bring both the ANU community and visitors to the Acton campus for a celebration filled with music and fun. Entry is free, with food and drinks on offer though the retail outlets and fresh music from some of Canberra’s local artists.

There will be noise and potential disturbance on the day due to stage set-up and sound check, with live performances commencing from 12pm. There may be increased noise given the number of people the event is expected to attract, increased pedestrian traffic is also expected around the area.

ANU Security will assist with managing the flow of visitors into the Kambri Precinct.

Thank you for understanding during this event and we hope you take the opportunity to celebrate the new Kambri Precinct with your colleagues and peers. 

If you need any further information, please contact functions@anu.edu.au or call 02 6125 4000.