Information regarding parking infringement processes

15 February 2018

Changes have been made to the process for appealing infringement notices. 

The University is now required to comply with the Australian Road Rules, ACT parking & traffic regulations and the ACT Magistrates Court Act.

Should you receive an infringement notice there are several options for applying to have the infringement notice cancelled.  These options can be found at

If you apply for withdrawal or apply to dispute liability of an infringement notice you may do so only on specific grounds.  When deciding what action you wish to take please consider that you may only lodge one application.   If the decision is made to deny your application and you are unhappy with this decision the only option available to you is to have the matter referred to the ACT Magistrates Court for adjudication.   There is no option to re-appeal or to apply for the infringement notice to be withdrawn on different grounds.

Please note, the vehicle you park on campus on any given day MUST be set as the active vehicle in vPermit or CellOPark.  If the correct vehicle is not set as active, your vPermit and Pay as You Go session are not valid and you do not have permission to park on campus (irrespective of whether you have paid for a permit/PAYG Session).  Therefore you cannot apply for withdrawal or dispute liability based on the grounds of a valid permit or permission to park.

Should you have any questions regarding this process Parking Office staff are happy to assist and can be contacted at or on (02)61250179.