Improving HDR Administrative Support

14 March 2017

The HDR Administration Support Project is currently focusing on:

  • Admissions: Transparent, standardised and simplified process across ANU consistent with revised policy
  • Examinations & Thesis Submission: An efficient and effective process for managing thesis submission and examination reducing examination times and improved tracking and reporting
  • Renewed HDR Student Induction Program: Standardised, accessible and timely information available for commencing HDR students.

The Service Improvement Group has two project managers engaged in this work:

Work has now commenced on HDR Admissions that aims to improve the student and staff experience in the enquiry, applications processing, offer acceptance and scholarships parts of the process. Recent activity has included the kick off of the consultation process, with detailed process reviews with HDR Administrators and Academics University wide.    

Work continues on the Examination & Thesis submission process to improve the process for managing thesis submission and examination processes and to provide improved tracking and reporting.  Current processes which rely heavily on paper based forms are being mapped and a detailed project plan is under development.

During the next two months we will be preparing for two Rapid Improvement Events for the Exams and Thesis Submissions and Admissions components of the projects. These workshops will involve key stakeholders from across the University. Exams and Thesis submissions will occur at the beginning of May, 2017 with HDR Admissions to follow at the end of May.