Improvements to the PDR eForms

16 February 2017

With a commitment to continuous improvement for the user experience and functionality of the PDR eForm, the following changes have recently been released.

For all newly created eForms going forward;

  1. wrap text functionality has been enabled and text box sizes have been increased in both the ‘training and development activities’ and ‘measurable performance indicator’ boxes of the eForm.  This ensures that all content can be read and reviewed easily on screen by staff and their supervisors
  2. the start date of a staff member’s 12 month PDR cycle will not be generated from the calendar option at the commencement of the PDR eForm and the calendar icons have been removed. The 12 month PDR cycle start date will now commence at ‘supervisor sign off’ stage and is triggered when the supervisor clicks the “submit to staff member for acknowledgement” button within the eForm.

The PDR is therefore agreed and in place on the date that the supervisor signs off the PDR plan.This ensures that the system commences the 12 month review cycle at the stage in the process when the discussion, planning and documentation has taken place between the supervisor and staff member.

This improvement will significantly reduce eForms becoming ‘stuck’ within the system and reduces both excessive email alerts and the need for manual fixes to resolve.All existing eForms in progress will retain the original start date selected via the calendar icon.

We will continue to work on a schedule of future PDR enhancements and further improvements will be launched in 2017. Thank you to everyone who has contributed feedback to date.

For further information relating to the PDR process, feedback and improvement suggestions, please contact the Culture & Performance Development team on or x55966.

For any technical assistance relating to the PDR eForm please contact or x59622.