Improvements to PDR and VaHA eForms

8 August 2017

The Intelledox Digital Transformation Centre has recently released improvements to the PDR and VaHA eForms

Performance and Development Review (PDR) 

  • Historically a change in Supervisor resulted in errors in eForms functionality, requiring users to contact HR Systems for a fix to be manually applied. A system has now been developed to automatically amend PDR eForms when a Staff Member’s Supervisor changes. Implementation of this automated ‘Supervisor Swap’ system aims to reduce user frustration and presents an opportunity to focus support activities in other priority areas.

Visitor and Honorary Appointments (VaHA) 

  • All documentation relating to VaHA eForms is now automatically available at the completion of the process within a purpose built, secure section of the Electronic Records Management System (ERMS)
  • A backlog of almost 15,000 records have been uploaded over the last month, which are now available on-demand by HR practitioners and other authorised parties
  • An email has been added at the end of the VaHA process to inform the visitor of their University ID.

The following changes have also been applied to this eForm including:

  • Amendments to the approvals workflow for volunteers
  • Ensuring that University IDs are only generated for VaHAs where required (no duplicates or errors)
  • Removal of 456 visa type
  • Removal of access selections for examiners
  • Addition of an email at the end of the VaHA process to inform the visitor of their University ID
  • Other minor changes to improve eForm usability, consistency and reliability.

If you have any feedback on the Human Resource eForms (including Accelerated Increments, Performance Development Review and the Visitor and Honorary Appointees form), please contact your local HR Practitioner or the HR Systems team.