IDTC Updates and Flood Response

21 March 2018

The great flood…

As a result of flooding of the Crisp precinct and related datacentre power outages, ANU eForms experienced several outages during March. The IDTC team have worked tirelessly with partners from ITS and across the University to re-establish service as quickly as possible, with remediation work continuing to be undertaken in this space.

Continuous Improvement initiatives:

Over February and March, as part of a dedication to continuous improvement activities, IDTC have released several improvements to the eForms system, working to improve the front-end user experience and eForm loading performance.

Improvements released over February-March include:

  • Functions on Campus – release of a Copy eForm utility
  • Travel Approval
    • significant performance enhancements to the form, resulting in the reduction of load times from minutes to seconds; and
    • close down of historic eForms from the Post-Travel state.
  • Parking Infringements – amendment of email notifications to improve external communications as well as the addition of warnings to deter users from applying multiple times for a single infringement.
  • University Services Feedback
    • major changes to wording in the eForm as well as emails and output documents;
    • added a warning for students to deter them from using the eForm for appeals or non-service related complaints; and
    • inclusion of the respondent’s email address in notifications to improve communications between the feedback contributor and the respondent.
  • HDR Milestones – facilitation of the clean-up of HDR Milestone eForms to eliminate duplicates and reduce user confusion.

In addition to the changes above, several improvements have been made to the underlying ANU eForms environment to improve the load time of all ANU eForms, as well as the implementation of additional logging to provide the foundation for further performance enhancement activities.