IDTC News: December 2017 to January 2018

29 January 2018

Recent Continuous Improvement releases:

During December 2017, a variety of improvements were released across a wide range of eForms to enhance functionality, compliance and useability. Improvements were implemented for the following eForms:

  • Accelerated Increments
  • Visitor and Honorary Appointments (VaHA)
  • Manage My degree – Coursework
  • Manage my degree – HDR
  • Parking Infringement Applications, and
  • Functions on Campus.

A new internal utility form was also released to enable IDTC technical staff to streamline production support for end-users.

New Parking Infringements eForm

With the approval of the new ANU Parking & Traffic Statute 2017, a new version of the Parking Infringement Application eForm was released on 1 January 2018 to accommodate the changes as required by legislation. This updated eForm contains built-in functionality to guide the user through the process and requirements for:

  • applying for an extension of time to pay;
  • withdrawing an infringement notice;
  • disputing liability of the infringement; or
  • downloading and submitting an infringement notice declaration.