IDTC Continuous Improvement Releases: November 2019

30 November 2019

This month the IDTC released a number of major continuous improvement items to address user feedback, further streamline administrative processes and improve user experience.

Travel eForm

Two major improvements have been released for the Travel Approval eForms:

  • to ensure better oversight and safety of our students, the high-risk travel delegate for student travel has been amended to the Registrar, Division of Student Administration and Academic Services. This change has been reflected in the University’s Travel Procedure, with relevant forms now automatically routed to the Registrar for consideration.
  • to reduce confusion, the edit-ability of travel requests by approvers has been restricted so that approvers are only required to update the region of travel when DFAT travel advice changes during the approval process.

HDR Milestone Reporting eForm

We know that the submission of your Thesis is an important milestone, so to better celebrate this achievement we have released an improvement to the HDR Milestone Reporting eForm. Upon submission of your thesis students will now receive a congratulatory message with associated images to celebrate this milestone. It’s our way of saying hooray!

Visitor & Honorary Appointee eForm (VaHA)

A number of significant changes to the VaHA eForm were released to improve useability and incorporate new functionality including:

  • inclusion of a “D” fund type option for VaHA funding ledger codes,
  • distribution of onboarding letters to the appointee upon submission of a VaHA extension,
  • validation of special characters in the name and address fields to ensure data is successfully stored in the Human Resources Management System (HRMS);
  • changes to how VaHA extensions are recorded in the HRMS to ensure consistent record keeping, and
  • minor changes to email wording to the appointee to reduce confusion and streamline the completion of the nomination process.

Spark Joy – Cleaning up older eForms

During the software upgrade of the eForms platform earlier this year, a number of old eForms were identified as obsolete and work commenced with the respective business owners to either progress these forms or have them terminated. The benefit of this clean-up is that exercise is that these old eForms are no longer cluttering up eForms queues, or sending frustrating reminder emails.

A total of 3,190 obsolete eForms were terminated as part of this process – which we feel is an effort that even Marie Kondo would be proud of.