Highlights from EdX Global Forum 2017

ANU Online staff Richard Robinson and Crystal McLaughlin were excited to attend the EdX Global Forum 2017 in Canada earlier this month.

The EdX Global Forum brings together partner MOOC-makers and industry professionals to talk all things MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). At the conference, EdX CEO Anant Agarwal shared with the MOOC community the organisation’s goals for the next five years and highlighted some of the platform’s new and improved offerings to achieve these goals. The five overarching goals are:

  1. To increase access to education
  2. To provide quality education and engagement
  3. To promote lifelong learning
  4. To introduce omni-directional education
  5. To create modular credentialing

The five goals, particularly the core strategies of lifelong learning, omni-directional education and modular credentialing, made for an interesting presentation.

Lifelong learning is key for survival in a time when diversified skillsets are highly valued by employers. Therefore, creating a platform where learners engage in a community with other learners is essential.  

Omni-directional education is the concept where students can be flexible in their undertaking of MOOCs and other education, moving seamlessly between MOOCs and other online courses into accelerated degree programs taught on-campus, and vice versa.

Modular credentialing allows students to really build and customise their own learning to suit their individual needs, with recognition through accreditation.

The community is aligning with EdX to increase the diversity of languages, levels of education, and disciplines available on the EdX platform. Exciting times lay ahead for learners, content developers and course teams – like ourselves!

ANUx would also like to congratulate the University of Newcastle on winning the 2017 EdX Prize award for their course on Drawing Nature, Science and Culture.

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