HDR Supervision Framework and Registration

30 November 2019

The HDR Supervision Framework and Registration went live on 4 November 2019, to foster best practice in supervision at the University. PULSE modules for new and experienced ANU supervisors and an equivalent Qualtrics module for non-ANU staff who supervise ANU HDR candidates are now available.

As of 14 November 2019, there had been 115 PULSE module completions and 22 Qualtrics module completions. The HDR Supervision webpages are now live and provide supervisors with useful information on HDR supervisor registration and renewal requirements.

The Deputy Dean HDR Supervision is in consultation with Associate Deans and Directors HDR on how best to provide registration workshops each local college/school to share and stimulate discussion about good supervisory practice.

Enquiries can be directed to hdr.supervision@anu.edu.au.