HDR student induction

6 May 2016

In late 2015, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), Professor Margaret Harding, invited Professors Peter Christen and Diana Davis to co-chair a working group to 'review and renew' the student induction program for HDR students. The brief was to develop protocols to ensure that every HDR student, whatever day they commence, has access not only to an appropriate induction but also all relevant information. As part of this remit the working group was asked to ensure that the roles and responsibilities at the University and College/School level were clearly delineated, organised to operate in co-operative partnership, avoiding overlap and repetitive use of resources.

The working group included reprentation from all Colleges, PARSA, residential colleges, and central divisions. It took into account the characteristics of the HDR cohort (attendance type, proportion of returning ANU students), shared current good practice in HDR induction, and identified issues to be addressed. A set of recommendations have been included in the final report that seek to clarify what information is required by new HDR students, when it should be delivered, and who in the University is responsible for the delivery. An overriding theme of the recommendations is welcoming students to the ANU research community.

The HDR Administrative Support Steering Committee met on 4 May to discuss the report and recommendations and have agreed to refer the report to the HDR Committee, and together with their comments, to the University Research Committee.

An update will be provided after the Report has been through the committee processes.