HDR - multiple projects with one aim

8 February 2016

The HDR Administrative Support Project Steering Committee met on 2 February and reviewed the program of work for 2016. A number of interdependencies were highlighted between this project, and other important projects currently underway.

The HDR Steering Committee is actively contributing to, and closely monitoring, a number of activities including;

  • Student Business Transformation Project - digitalising and automating HDR forms and processes in collaboration with the Division of Student Administration
  • HDR Committee - will continue its review of HDR policies in 2016
  • SAS Steering Committee - is scoping and planning the upgrade of the Student Administration System
  • An upgrade of the StudyLink System is delivering improvements to the application for admission form, improving user experience and integration with University systems
  • The Research Information and Business Transformation project which is scoped to include a supervisor database that will enhance individual researcher profiles and is an important tool for prospective students in selecting ANU.

These are examples of current activities which need to be aligned to ensure our aim of delivering an effective and efficient administrative service across the HDR value chain is realised.