HDR Admissions planning phase

24 September 2018

The Higher Degree by Research (HDR) Admissions Project (Project) will deliver a standardised and automated HDR Admissions process across all Colleges at the ANU. The HDR admissions process will be streamlined and simplified, delivering a higher-quality experience for both staff and students.

The Project is nearing the end of the Planning Phase and has delivered, or is working on, a number of items including:

  1. HDR Admissions eForm Functional Specification
  2. New Referee Report Template
  3. Improving pre-application information for prospective candidates, allowing easy access to information on eligibility, scholarships, courses etc.
  4. A series of guidelines to be available at key points in the eForm, providing clear ‘at-elbow and on-time’ information on:
    1. Research Proposal Requirements
    2. Academic Equivalency Cases (Staff Only)
    3. English Language Equivalency Cases (Staff Only)
    4. Stipend Scholarships (Staff Only)
    5. Tuition Fee Scholarships (Staff Only)
    6. Completing the Supervisors Statement of Support (Staff Only)
    7. HDR Admission GPA Conversion (Staff Only)
  5. A proposal to introduce two RTP scholarship rounds at the ANU.

The project will move into execution phase in October 2018 and stakeholders will continue to be closely engaged through this process via the HDR Working Group, User Experience Testing, User Acceptance Testing and direct consultation where required across the University.  

For more information, please contact Kailee Fisher 6215 1947 or Kailee.fisher@anu.edu.au