HDR Administrative Support Program – Changes are underway!

21 March 2018

The first module of the HDR Examinations and Thesis Submission Project is now live!

  • The module consists of changes to the existing ‘HDR Milestone Reporting’ eForm to allow candidates to update their working thesis title during a milestone and provide information on Open Access and ORCiD. Changes have also been made to the existing ‘Manage My Degree - HDR’ eForm to allow candidates to amend their working thesis details such as working title, working format, abstract and intended submission date.
  • A demonstration of the new functionality can be seen in the video on the HDR Examinations and Thesis Submission web page
  • To familiarise yourself with the Higher Degree Research (HDR) Examination & Thesis Submission project or for more information please visit the project web page, contact the Project Manager Megan Easton or contact the HDR Examinations Office (EGAP)

The HDR Administration Support Project is focusing on:

  • Examinations & Thesis Submission: An efficient and effective process for managing thesis submission and examination reducing examination times and improved tracking and reporting
  • Admissions: Transparent, standardised and simplified process across ANU consistent with revised policy

The HDR Admissions project is working to deliver an online, standardised HDR admission process across all colleges and schools within the ANU. Benefits to be realised include improved reporting and records management, a reduction in manual handling of admission documentation, improved synergy between candidature and scholarship offers and a better, more streamlined experience for staff and candidature applicants.

Progress to Date

Fortnightly HDR Deep-dives were conducted from Aug – Dec 2017, covering topics such as Scholarship Integration, Pre-Application and Application, Core Application Processing, Offer and Acceptance, Reporting and ANU PHD Policy and Process. In 2018, the HDR Working Group meetings have changed from fortnightly to monthly and will continue to develop the functional specification, discuss policy and process changes, develop the Implementation Plan and prepare for User Experience and Acceptance Testing

Next Steps

In the first half of 2018, work will continue on:

  • Delivering a standardised referee report template and clear guidelines for STEMM and HASS research proposals
  • Investigating the possibility of having more than one round of RTP scholarships, allowing greater flexibility for the University and students
  • Continued development of the HDR Admissions Functional Specification, including the release of a visual mock-up of the end-to-end eForm process, facilitating high-quality feedback from key stakeholders prior to commencing the eForm build.

For more information please visit the project web page, contact the Project Manager Kailee Fisher.