Graduate Research Office Update

6 May 2019

The Graduate Research Office (GRO) has settled into Level 6, Marcus Clarke Street, where the team has been focussing on business as usual and offering a counter service for HDR enquiries.

The GRO continues to work with the Service Improvement Group on transformative HDR projects such as the HDR Admissions Project and to provide support for the HDR Supervision Development Framework. We are looking to improve the Research Candidature Details Form to include details of external supervisors. This will be used to identify joint supervisors in research end-user organisations which will assist future end-user data collection processes.

The second HDR Student Administration Forum was held on 29 April. These Forums allow us to discuss issues with the wider HDR group in Colleges and Schools, and to seek suggestions and endorsement for process improvements.

To ensure there is comprehensive understanding of what we do and the support we provide, and to answer any questions, we will be running a series of roadshows. The first roadshow was held on 1 May in CASS. Please contact the GRO if you are interested in finding out more.

You can contact GRO by calling +61 2 6125 5777,  emailing, or visiting