GLC Version 2 is Nearing Completion

20 March 2019

Purpose of the Project:

The Research Accounting Project seeks to improve Research Accounting processes, predominately with regards to the creation of GLCs. The project has streamlined and, where possible, automated the GLC creation process through an eForm solution. Additionally, the project has established an updated Research Accounting policy and procedures, standardising these processes across the University.


In September 2018, the GLC eForm went live with the following improvements:

  • New eForm for S, Q, D & Discretionary Q funds
  • Ability to create a GLC when a grant is awarded and before contract is signed
  • University-wide defined interim GLC structure and guidelines
  • Streamlined workflow for GLC request processing
  • Improved transparency of process and enterprise-wide reporting/tracking
  • Updated policy and procedures
  • Consistently defined roles and responsibilities in the GLC request process.

Coming Release:

Version 2 of the GLC eForm will automate as many business processes as possible, reducing the administrative burden and processing timeframes. Using feedback received following the release of Version 1, we have updated the eForm to improve the user experience and clarify the process.

Version 2 updates include:

  • Updates to email messages for better clarity and business process improvements
  • Temporary Inactivations – automation of process with approval step by RA
  • Reactivations – automation of process with approval step by RA
  • Change Requests – automation of process
  • Closures – automation of process with approval step by RA
  • Contract Updates Push – automation of process.

Version 2 release will occur within the next few weeks.

How to Get Involved:

Information and resources are available on the GLC Request Information page. These include a GLC User Video demonstrating how to use the eForm, Exception Processes, a Frequently Asked Questions Guide, ARIES Mandatory Grant Checklist, and other reference documents.

Support requests for the GLC Request eForm and processes can be directed to

The SIG will continue to deliver updates and improvements to the eForm after the Version 2 release as part of its continuous improvement initiatives. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact the Project Manager, Jonathan Rich, at or 55675.