GLC eForm Update - Data Error Fix and Version 2 Planning

30 October 2018


Since going live on 11 September 2018, there have been 127 GLC Request eForm transactions. On 10 October 2018, a data pull error was identified affecting an unknown number of GLC Request eForms. As a precautionary measure, it was taken down. We determined that an error in pulling data from ARIES negatively impacted 16 of the 83 eForms. Working diligently with RSD and F&BS, we developed a system fix, corrected the impacted eForms and returned it to service on 16 October 2018.  

Purpose of the Project:

The Research Accounting Project seeks to improve Research Accounting processes, predominately around the creation of GLCs. The project looks to streamline and automate (when possible) the GLC creation process through an eForm solution. Additionally, the project will establish updated Research Accounting policy and procedures that will standardise these processes across the University.

Future Initiatives:

We are continuing to progress in releasing Version 2 of the GLC Request eForm. Integrations that will enable automating many of the GLC business processes have been developed by ITS and the F&BS BSO Teams. The SIG is currently receiving those integrations and working to deliver Version 2 by the end of the year.  

Anticipated deliverables and benefits for Version 2 release:

  • GLC automatically generated versus manual creation
  • D Funds workflow automated
  • Change requests automated
  • Temporary GLC inactivation process automated.
  • eForm will seek to facilitate the zero balancing of accounts in ES Financials as part of GLC closure.

The SIG will continue to conduct updates and improvements to the eForm after Version 2 release as a part of normal continuous improvement initiatives. If you have any questions, comments, concerns please contact the Project Manager, Jonathan Rich, at or 55675.

How To Get Involved:

Information and resources on the GLC Request process can be found on the GLC Request Information page.  The GLC Request Information page has several resources for users to include GLC User Video demonstrating how to use the eForm, Exception Processes, Frequently Asked Questions Guide, ARIES Mandatory Grant Checklist and many other resources.

 Support for the GLC Request eForm and processes can be directed to