Get involved in ANU Gateway Release 2

19 March 2015

Release 2 of the ANU Gateway Project is well underway and about to embark on a round of audience testing.

On Friday 20 March, 1,000 randomly selected staff will be emailed and invited to complete a short online exercise. The exercise presents a number of scenarios and asks participants to identify where in the website menu they might look for relevant information. The results will help us choose labels and structure for the new website.

The survey doesn't open until Friday, but everyone is welcome to participate. If you were not one of the 1,000 staff randomly selected and emailed please feel free to complete the exercise yourself (and send to others) by midnight on Tuesday 24 March.

Release 2 of the project will consolidate the Staff gateway and selected Service Division sites into a single Drupal website. The new website will be released in July.