Gene Technology Practices (WHHR18)

Course overview

This WATTLE online module provides a practical way for researchers to understand Gene Technology Act for staff including practical interpretation of the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator requirements and how to implement them in a laboratory.

The course consists of a reading component followed by an assessment to demonstrate competency.

Who should enrol

This module is designed for staff and students who are working within PC2 Laboratories.  In certain areas, it is a requirement for staff and students to successfully complete this course prior to work/study being carried out within the laboratory.

Key takeaways

At the conclusion of this workshop participants will understand:

  • The structure of Australian gene technology regulation
  • Types of dealings including accreditation, certification and licensing

What the module will cover

Topics addressed will include:

  • PC2 laboratory requirements
  • PC2 animal and plant facility requirements
  • Guidance notes for the containment of exempt dealing
  • Guidelines for the transport, storage and disposal of GMO’s
  • Schedule 2 dealings exempt from licensing 2011
  • Schedule 3 NLRDs in relation to a GMO 2011
  • Schedule 3 licences 2011

When can I enrol

  • 6 February 2017
  • 6 March 2017
  • 3 April 2107
  • 1 May 2017
  • 5 June 2017
  • 3 July 2017
  • 7 August 2017
  • 4 September 2017
  • 2 October 2017
  • 6 November 2017
  • 4 December 2017


This module is free to ANU staff.


A requirement of the registration process is to discuss and obtain the following from your supervisor:

  • Approval to enrol in the online module