Functions on Campus eForm Updates

29 June 2018

Since the release of the Functions on Campus eForm in December 2017, it has grown in popularity with over 500 applications to date. Metrics show that the majority of the user base is students, reaching approximately 70%.

Recent continuous improvement changes include major changes to the functionality and dashboard view of the Insight report, completed in consultation with Facilities and Services and Planning & Performance Measurement divisions. Additional changes included improved functionality with the Copy eForm and smaller technical changes to the back-end to facilitate data fixes and fix authentication issues experienced across the ANU.

The IDTC and Functions team meet regularly to discuss performance, issues experienced and user feedback. Based on various consultations and feedback received across the ANU, the IDTC and Functions Team are currently working on a major continuous improvement piece of work that will streamline the eForm for staff functions, reduce completion time, simplify the application process and provide more clarity on certain aspects and terminology of the eForm that caused confusion to users.