Functions on Campus eForm released

11 December 2017

The new Functions on Campus eForm was released on 1 December 2017, streamlining the function approval process and ensuring a smoother user-experience for function organisers.

This new eForm is for use by ANU Staff and Students, and consolidates, streamlines and digitalises the following paper-based application forms previously used for applying for approval for a function on campus:

  • Function on Campus application form;
  • BBQ booking application form;
  • Forestry Fire Pit application form; and
  • Liquor advertising application form

Key benefits:

  • With this new streamlined and standardised approach to apply for a Function on Campus, time spent applying for a Function on Campus will be greatly reduced;
  • Based on the answers provided within the eForm, it will prompt you to attach all required documentation;
  • As every application will now be streamlined and complete when submitted, the processing lead time should be reduced;
  • You will be able to track your application by logging into the eForms website and selecting “Form activity” from the top of the home page. This will indicate to whom your application is currently assigned;
  • You will be able to book any of the five BBQ’s or the Forestry Fire Pit through resource calendars within the eForm. You will be able to check availability and add a tentative booking;
  • An interactive mud-map has been included where you can draw annotations such as exit points, where you want to place a temporary structure like a gazebo, where vehicles will park etc.

Support and assistance

A detailed Support Guide has been developed and made available to administrative support staff to assist with troubleshooting and end for-user support.

For the wider end-user community, a support video has been compiled to demonstrate the progress through a Functions on Campus application.

Should any Staff or Student require additional assistance or have questions, a familiarisation session has been scheduled for 30 January 2018. You may find more information or book your free seat via Eventbrite .

For any queries with regards to the Functions on Campus process, please contact the Functions on Campus team or visit the Functions on Campus webpage. Here you will find additional information such as the Terms & Conditions and Questions & Answers relating to this process.

For further information regarding this project, please contact the Project Coordinator or x56244