First monthly claim due in Concur Expense Management

12 July 2017

On 1 July purchase card holders received a notification email from Concur letting them know that it’s time to acquit their June transactions in the Concur Expense Management system. To create a monthly claim, cardholders will need to log in to Concur via the ANU page.

Each cardholder’s supervisor is responsible for reviewing and approving the cardholder’s monthly expenses to ensure they comply with relevant financial and administrative policies. We recommend all cardholder’s supervisors complete the ‘ANU Purchase Card Use’ Pulse module to familiarize yourself with these policies and your responsibilities as an approver. It will only take 5-10 minutes.

Ensure profile set up

Before cardholders can commence using Concur, they must ensure their profile is set up and ready to use, including:

  • Verify their ANU email address under ‘Profile Settings’
  • Download both the ExpenseIt and Concur applications to a mobile device (recommended but optional)
  • Set a mobile PIN for login to the mobile apps

Managing receipts

Cardholders need to digitize receipts for purchase card transactions made after 28 May 2017 using any of the following methods:

  • Use the ExpenseIt app and scanner on a mobile device to capture receipts and send to their Concur profile;
  • Forward emailed receipts to from their verified ANU email address;
  • Alternatively, use an office scanner to digitize receipts and forward them to from their verified ANU email address.

The ANU Concur Expense Management page hosts several User Guides on receipt management for more information.


Please direct any queries to your local Power User, administration or finance staff first and the Finance Systems help desk thereafter.